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For the First Time in its History Georgia to Host Global Business Forum


For the first time in Georgia the Union of Business Ladies (UBL) in association with Bank of Georgia hosted a Global Business Forum at the Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi. The organisation was launched expressly to develop and promote women’s success in the business world.

The Forum featured a range of guest speakers from all over the world including government officials, business executives, potential investors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. One of the core objectives of the forum was to serve as a platform to connect the world's top businesses and most successful startups. Additionally, the forum set out to assemble local and international delegates, in an effort to facilitate resource sharing and mutual support. Representatives of Governments, NGOs and private sector took part in the Forum.

The event hosted delegates from 17 countries, including UK, Kazakstan, Greece, India, Czech Republic, UAE, Turkey, China, US etc. Around 200 people partook in the Business Forum.

Diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall and City Assembly were actively engaged in the event. The organising team mentioned that participation and support of the representatives of chambers of commerce and industry of different countries played crucial role in the successful conclusion of the Forum. H.E. Dr. Jassim Mohamed Al Qasemi, UAE Ambassador to Armenia, visited Georgia specifically for the Global Business Forum.

Apart from the presentations, masterclasses and panel discussions, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Union of Business Ladies and the Qatari Business Women Association took place at the Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi. Mrs. Ekaterine Maisuradze granted honorary membership status to 6 prominent women, amongst few female ambassadors to the republic of Georgia.

“One of the core missions of the Union of Business Ladies is to serve as a platform to connect top businesses and successful startups for sharing resources and supporting each other to achieve success. For me Global Business Forum has put that mission to practice. The space we provided for the delegates can guarantee that the Forum participants will establish new international partnerships” - stated Ekaterine Maisuradze, President of the Union of Business Ladies.

Speakers from 8 different countries covered the following topics: latest entrepreneurial trends and business ethics in different cultures, strategies to blend historical and new trends in business, women’s role in strengthening countries economy, XXI century challenges in business with solutions. Local government and business representatives showcased Georgian market - they introduced regional and international projects and benefits for foreigners to do business in Georgia.

“It is essential for the Bank of Georgia to provide finances to the innovative businesses. One of our priorities is to support development of the businesses of female entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we are pleased to be co-organisers of the event where women entrepreneurs can connect and share experiences,” - stated Mr Zurab Masurashvili, Head of Micro and SME Banking Department at Bank of Georgia.

As Mrs. Ekaterine Maisuradze promises the Global Business Forum will become an annual event.

The Union of Business Ladies continues to support, motivate and empower business ladies and help them cope up with the challenges of business fraternity and make the road to success a lot more fun and exciting. During the preparation works various partnerships with other women’s organisations were established and new ideas were born. As the organising team states, their goal is to reinforce the recently made partnerships till the next event.

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