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Women's networking groups provide a support mechanism for women to share their stories and get advice without being sized up – addressing challenges in digital sales and pre-sales, which are so different from any other industry.

What the study shows is that women who focus on making a lot of professional contacts may not necessarily receive the same benefits that men get from doing so. They need to supplement that with closer connections with other women they trust. The study’s authors speculate that these inner networks help not just with finding opportunities, but also by exchanging advice specific to the unique challenges women face.

Alaina Shearer, founder of Together Digital once said “It’s very important that groups that are disenfranchised have time to meet alone to recollect our thoughts, and our energies, to go back out into the world that really does not give us equal standing.” and we think it accurately expresses our purpose.


Given the above, BPWGeorgia offers tailored benefits that allow you to not only share your visions and experiences as a businesswoman, but also listen to professional advice from others and gain an experience where healthy competition is the key to development.